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"We have no proper to believe that any physical rules exist, or if they have got existed thus far, that they'll proceed to exist in a similar method Sooner or later." Max Plank

If oil organizations really killed Guys boasting they could operate a vehicle on water, I'd basically thank them for strengthening the gene pool of humanity.

@ Danby: Any proposed perpetual motion machine that depends on gravity is simply silly for the reason that we couldn't utilize it in spaceships. Nothing at all lasts forever, not even gravity or even a concept that a little something is impossible :D

i think will not be stupid or ignorant to own dreams or great Suggestions that will alter the r method of living,also this ppl r just persuing the things they point can b a crack although for all humanity, just that idea on your own tends to make me thrilled,an Potentially a perpetual movement machine can be nothing at all than the usual strategy for us.

We have been in as well seriouse of a predicament to get started on reinventing physics to remember to a pipe aspiration. We need real effects that offer renewable Strength, there is absolutely no this kind of thing as free Power or free the rest for instance.

Standard science statements This is certainly unattainable, but generations of inventors are actually mesmerized with the assure of an engine that powers itself.

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two) ...but the possibility continues to be there." one) I believe these documentaries should enlighten people today to The present point out of science with regard to attempting to achieve the target of unity and overunity with ability programs. We do not have to have a lingering feeling of hope approximately an aim and in depth account of methods which have and haven't labored toward achieving this aim.

I don't Believe It can be that inconceivable that an "typical" man could make a discovery. All it requires is undoubtedly an power to observe and experiment. Men and women did that numerous many years in the past did that without having our existing volumes of data or modern "experts".

I dont know if perpetual motion can be done, friction staying what it is actually just about anything positioned to harness said power would and will to my considering normally slow the facility source down.

then we have to quietly go into our garages with the individuals we fulfill and secretly make and distribute the know-how safely the best way you'd probably with another prohibition identified or not.

Free energy is actually a extremely hard. On the other hand, that weel relies on gravity. Gravity is often a weak but eternel Electricity. More than the sun. I understand Evidently how this wheel could carry on turning forever... Well so long as the earth retains owning gravitational energy. cheap psychic readers Now duck my sick u freaks.

Nickelthrower, would not provide a penny for that thought. A fantastic education is exactly what we should always give the youth. Lies are usually not a A part of that.

Hardly ever say never ever, it is simply to early in the sphere of science to disregard the idea of perpetual Electrical power, and goodness darren, patriotism generally is a excellent point, but that last remark is solely b*llocks and can be certainly one of The explanations why the planet around american consumers are disliked. your arrogance irritates me

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